As a Female training and Pre and Post Natal specialist I am proud to work with women through every stage of life, crafting routines that adapt with each physiological change. 

With so much conflicting and confusing information about what you “should” be doing I aim to keep it clear and provide my clients with the best in class tools to focus on what is important to them, in a safe and effective way.  Whether that be smashing their fitness goals, staying healthy in pregnancy, rebuilding their body post birth or managing menopausal changes.

So whether a beginner or fitness devotee, my approach provides a personalised programme built around what you need. Importantly we also focus on addressing issues such as: abdominal separation, back pain, weak glutes, rounded posture, changes in bone density and muscle loss. Through well-constructed and challenging workouts that are rooted in evidence and devoid of fads, my method is here to give you the body you deserve. 

Based from my private training space in South East London I'd love to talk to you about how we can take that next step in building that positive relationship with your body.