The Fridge Reset: 

It's a big, positive, step working with a trainer so you should also make sure that your diet matches the commitments you are making in the studio. This doesn't mean that you can't eat delicious meals that satisfy your cravings, that are simple to create and appeal to the whole family. 

In the Bear Well fridge reset I come to your home and go through your fridge, cupboards and secret sweet draw to examine the food you normally eat and what your feel comfortable cooking. Following national health guidelines, your personal tastes, and any dietary requirements we then clear out what needs to go and restock using organic nutritiously dense ingredients. I work around your weekly food budget and preferred supermarket so you know the habits are easy to stick to - with no unpronounceable ingredients! Together we then create recipes covering breakfast, lunch and dinner, providing hacks for healthy eating on the go that work around your lifestyle. 

Creating them together you will learn to cook these nutritious meals, filling your freezer with dinner for two weeks - enough time to build good habits. Recipes will be founded in national healthy eating guidelines, focusing on natural unprocessed ingredients and taking into consideration any food allergies or dislikes. 



£300 (excluding food shopping costs)

I will be with you from 10am until 6pm focusing the day all around nutrition and setting positive food patterns. We start by clearing out your fridge and cupboards of unhealthy foods before a trip to your local supermarket or high street to restock. Following this we will create a food plan just for you with rules and hacks to make these changes easier. We finish the day by creating six recipes in your kitchen to be stored in your fridge or freezer for the next two weeks. We will have daily WhatsApp check-ins for the first two weeks to help keep you on track with your new healthy eating plan.