Pregnancy Fitness: 

Keeping fit and active during pregnancy plays a vital role in not only keeping a healthy but is also shown to contribute to having shorter labours and quicker recoveries. 

Held at my private training space in Ladywell the Bear Well pregnancy exercise sessions are created to help get your body ready for birth, minimising some of the common pregnancy symptoms such as back pain and swollen ankles and creating a foundation that makes returning to your normal active life a lot easier. 

This is not a time to focus on losing weight or hitting PBs but that doesn't mean you can't give yourself some care and attention with some fun and challenging workouts that evolve with each new stage of pregnancy; and that is what I provide at Bear Well. 


Postnatal Fitness:

Just as every pregnancy and delivery is different and so should every route to recovery be different. 

Following your six week check my role is help you get your body back on track focusing on pelvic and core rehabilitation. Your postnatal exercise programme will be tailored to your type of birth, pre pregnancy fitness and overall goals ensuring we are building a enjoyable session that becomes a release rather than a drag. 

As with all clients these sessions can be delivered at your home (dependent on location), at a local park or at my private training space. You are also welcome to bring your baby - we want to make sure these sessions work for you as a new Mum. 


Female Only Training:

You might be 10years Post Natal, 10 years away from having a baby or never planning on embarking on that journey - Bear Well is still here for you!

Whether you are getting ready for a big event or simply wanting to improve your fitness and confidence, my female only fitness programme is here to help build a stronger and leaner you that can tackle whatever challenges life throws your way.

With bespoke training plans, nutritional coaching and support now is as good a time as any to make the next step forward in a positive you. And I am here to help. 



Consultation - Free. 30 to 40mins

This is where we meet, or have a call, and chat through some of your goals. It's important that we get along and you feel comfortable around me. I think this is a vital first step in finding the PT that is right for you. 

Trial Session - £20. 1hr

Just like we have to get on you have to like my training style. We will do a short fitness assessment to see where we are starting and so I can then create the best programme for you. If you are Post Natal this is where we will take a look at your ab separation and address any pelvic floor weakness. We will then go through a short workout to give you an idea of my method. If you're happy we will book you onto your first sessions! 

Sessions - £50 per session | £45 per session if booked in blocks of 10 or more.  45mins to 1hr

Built around your goals and your fitness assessment, these sessions will focus on a plan that is updated every 4weeks so that we can track progress or adapt for changes during pregnancy.  Measurements and photographs (as requested) will be taken at the first session - this is not provided for Pre Natal clients. 


All sessions, unless otherwise agreed, are held at my private studio in Ladywell, SE13. 

All sessions require 24 hours notice to reschedule/cancel otherwise the full price of the session will be charged. All 10 blocks must be used within 3 months of purchase unless a doctor’s note is provided. 10 block renewals must be paid 24 hours in advance (excluding weekends) of initial session of the next 10 block.